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*90% of quotes can be done in 30 minutes or less during normal business hours. Certain attributes or underwriting criteria may result in longer quote times. All quotes subject to underwriting guidelines. We reserve the right to reject applicants not meeting our underwriting criteria.

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Nobody likes to feel like just another number in a system — at OnPoint, our primary focus is to best serve you. Whether this is your first time or hundredth time, we’ll put together a personalized plan to get you the best insurance solution.

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Insurance isn’t supposed to be complicated. Once we get started, we’re going to take care of everything for you. Fast, easy, and efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to switch?

A: No, not if you have the right Agent.  At OnPoint Insurance Services, we take care of EVERYTHING!  We’ll set up the payment plan that best meets your needs, cancel your prior insurance properly so you don’t have a lapse or gap in coverage, contact your bank to notify them of a change in insurance, contact your mortgage company or landlord to notify them of the change, help you set up your online access to your new policies, and provide you with ID cards instantly so you can feel protected on the road, at home, or anywhere else life takes you.  We guarantee that our process will be the easiest you’ll ever go through when it comes to switching your insurance.  Relax, we’ve got this!

Q: How do you quote so many providers so fast?

A: We use a comprehensive suite of technologies to deliver results efficiently and accurately.  These tools are executed by our top-notch Agents and our process has been crafted to ensure you receive the best possible results from our efforts.  Everything we do revolves around serving you, our client, as best we can.  In short, we’re one of few agencies who are willing to invest in our employees, technology, and ultimately – our customers – to deliver the best possible experience.

Q: What if my rate goes up while I’m insured with OnPoint Insurance Services?

A: This is one of the great advantages you have as a customer of an independent insurance agency like OnPoint Insurance Services!  If your rate goes up, for any reason, we can re-quote our huge network of companies for you and you don’t have to provide any new information if your situation hasn’t changed.  With OnPoint Insurance Services, you’ll always know you’re getting the best price!

Q: Who do I contact if something (accident) happens:

A: You have many options here.  In fact, you have more convenient options with OnPoint Insurance Services that you do with most other insurance agencies.  Most of our insurance companies have a mobile app that you can use, they all have their own call centers and teams of adjusters, they all have websites that you can use to file a claim, and they’re all available 24/7/365.  But, in addition to this, when you work with OnPoint Insurance Services, you also have our team to help you out.  You can call us, text us, email us, contact us on social media, or use our website.  You choose which works best for you and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Q: I already use one of your providers, but am unhappy with my agent, what can I do?

A: Ok, so you have the right insurance policy for your needs but the wrong agent. The business of insurance IS service so you should choose an Agent that will stand by you and be there for you like the Agents at OnPoint Insurance Services do. If you’re with one of our companies, like your policy and coverage, but have difficulty working with your current agent for any reason – we can help you sign your policy into our agency so you get the support you need from our team. We’ll manage that entire process and only need your signature in most cases.

Q: Why is my rate so high?

A: There are many factors that play a role in what you pay for your insurance. Things like your credit standing, where you live, homeownership status, marital status, years of experience, your age, prior insurance history, number of vehicles, bundled policies, accidents, tickets, violations, your vehicle, the age of your home/roof/plumbing/heating/electrical system, how you pay, and more. For things like Life and Disability Insurance, factors such as your health, gender, age, height and weight, tobacco/nicotine/drug use, driving record, and other factors will impact your rate. In addition to all of these is coverage. Some people have bad insurance that they’ll regret should they have an accident and need to use it. It might save them a few bucks but it’s just not worth the risk. Insurance rates are a reflection of risk. Insurance Actuaries spend all of their time analyzing this data and more to determine which characteristics of an insured person or property may lead to claims. They compile this data into rating tables and your rate is determined by combinations of these characteristics. Essentially, your rate with any given company is going to be the best rate they can offer based upon your risk characteristics. At OnPoint Insurance Services, we’re using the same rating factors as the other agencies and companies. But, because we quote so many more companies than our competition, we know we can find the best rate for you. If your rate is negatively impacted by any of these risk factors, we’ll take the time to help you find ways to lower your rates over time so that improves.

Q: I’ve been with the same insurance company for many years, why should I switch?

A: Service + Price + Coverage + Knowledge + Convenience. Our knowledgeable Agents work with more companies, offering more products and services, with more convenient service options, and at better prices than our competition. Any of those by itself is a great reason to switch. We suggest starting with a free, no obligation quote. You won’t know what you’re missing out on if you don’t reach out and see what we can do for you. 90% of people who switch to OnPoint Insurance Services save money AND get better coverage. If that’s not enough, we also offer almost every insurance product you can possibly need throughout your life so you’ll never need to work with another Agent. There aren’t many insurance agencies that can say that and the odds are high that at some point in your life, your current Agent won’t be able to offer you something that you need. We can.

Q: What is an independent insurance agency?

A: There are 3 basic types of insurance agencies or Agents. Captive Agencies/Agents work for one insurance company. Those companies you see advertising on TV with their high-priced actors and athletes are captive insurance agencies. These Agencies/Agents work for the insurance company to sell you the products that one company offers. Brokers work with several insurance companies to help you find coverage and may charge a broker fee in addition to the policy for their services. A Broker may not be able to provide any service to you after you purchase the policy, leaving you to fend for yourself with the insurance company. An Independent Agency, like OnPoint Insurance Services, works for YOU – not for the insurance company – by shopping around with our vast network of companies to find you the best coverage for your needs at the best price. We not only help you purchase the right policies for you but we’ll be there to provide outstanding service, too. Independent Insurance Agencies, like ours, also typically offer more insurance products than any Broker or Captive Agency/Agent so we’re more likely to have a fit for anything you might need to insure.

Q: Do you offer Life, Health, Auto, or other insurance?

A: Yes. We offer almost every insurance product or service you can think of! Here’s a short list: Auto, Home, Business, Umbrella, Life, Disability, Malpractice, Errors & Omissions, Motorcycle, RV, Group Benefits, Long-Term Care, Farm or Ranch, Crop, Commercial, Identity Theft, Pet, Home Warranties, Jewelry, Cyber Liability, and much more.

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OnPoint Insurance Services is committed to providing outstanding service. We have put together a superior team of insurance professionals who have been with helping families find the right insurance for many years. We are dedicated to our customers and proud of our relationships with the companies we represent. So you can trust our agents will help you find quality coverage that caters to your individual lifestyle. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that we have met or exceeded our clients expectations.

At OnPoint Insurance Services, we don’t just sell insurance policies, we build relationships with our customers to provide the protection they require. By providing one-on-one service, our insurance agency can better understand your specific obligations and demands, giving us the tools necessary to find the coverage that best fit your lifestyle, business, and mostly importantly your budget.

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Areas We Serve

Insurance isn’t supposed to be complicated. Once we get started, we’re going to take care of everything for you. Fast, easy, and efficient.

We currently provide services in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


OnPoint Insurance Services
We help you find the right coverage for yourself, your family, and your business at the most affordable price. One Call, We’ll Quote Them All! That’s OnPoint!