26 Jan

“My dad was telling me last night about how his secretary at work has been working like crazy trying to get her paperwork and credit cards in order. Someone stole her social security number and had mailing addresses changed to somewhere in FLORIDA, etc…..she has been spending CRAZY hours trying the get her life back. My dad said he was glad he had “LIFELOCK” the identity theft insurance. I would highly recommend it. It is crazy-smart insurance to have at a very minimal cost! I can’t believe the peace of mind it provides for my family! I can’t imagine trying to fix everything on my own….I don’t have enough time the way it is!” – Friend & Colleague

Yes, Identity Theft Protection is important.  Identity Theft claims a new victim in the United States every 2 seconds.  You NEED Identity Theft Protection.

We’ve partnered with LifeLock to deliver on our promise of offering a solution to ALL of your Insurance needs and because they are simply the best at what they do.

Don’t wait until you become a victim of Identity Theft.  Call or email us today to learn about our special offer for LifeLock.

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