29 Dec
Goodbye to 2016
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2016 has been an incredibly tough year when it comes to celebrity deaths.  It’s especially hard, I think, for people in my generation; those born from 1975 to 1985.  We lost a Prince and a Princess this year in Prince and Carrie Fischer.  We lost music legend David Bowie who some might remember best as Jerith from the movie “Labyrinth”.  George Michael passed just a few days ago.  These are the stars we grew up with.  Certainly there were other deaths that broke our hearts this year and I don’t want to discount any person’s life as being less important than another’s.  These are just a few who came to mind for me quickly as I’m writing this.

When I look back and I see all of the stars we lost in 2016, I’m reminded that we are all mortal.  We will all pass on someday; the only question is when.  Our mortality is hard to think about and even harder to accept.  Now, I don’t want to turn this into a “salesy” Life Insurance talk.  I do, however, want to remind everyone that these stars who passed away in 2016 did not anticipate dying so young.  The point is that we never know when exactly our time will be up.  We see terrible, awful, sad situations where someone passes away with so much life ahead of them.  In some cases, they leave behind young children, families, businesses that need to be attended to.  I’m not going to tell you that Life Insurance makes everything better because it most certainly does not.  We’d much rather have that loved one around for many more years.  After all, they can never truly be replaced.  So, no, Life Insurance doesn’t make the pain go away or the mourning subside.  It just makes everything easier.  It takes many of the problems off the plate of the surviving members of the family.  It removes the financial burden from the picture.  It allows the mourning of a loved one to happen without having to worry about where the money for the house is going to come from, how the kids are going to afford college, how the bills are going to be paid, etc.

It’s the most self-less purchase you can ever make.  And, I guarantee your family will be glad you had it.

Life Insurance Is The Last Love Letter You’ll Ever Send.

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